Adhesive for Bookbinding

Bookbinding is an important part in a book’s design process, as it ensures product durability and functionality. It requires the right technologies and supplies for a modern, unique and visually appealing final product. Hardcover binding, perfect(softcover) binding and spiral binding are some options for it.

Alpkim provides hotmelts, PVA based and protein type adhesives for book binding industry. Our products cover special requirements, including high heat and ink solvent resistance, adherence to a variety of paper types, substrates and being able to be applied in high-speed lines with minimal waste.

Alpkim gives unique solutions for users as cost effective products, low VOC levels, long storage conditions, repetitive stress.


VA Based Holtmelts

Alpkim solution for soft cover books, side-seaming in bookbinding applications, offset printing papers, magazines is EVA based hotmelt. Our products have, good flexibility. They suit for all medium and high speed major type of binding machines such as Müller Martini,Kolbus,Harris,Wohlenberg etc.

Polyolefin Metallocene based Hotmelts

We provide this high quality synthetic hotmelt adhesive for universally application needs of high cohesion and thermostable needs. It delivers outstanding performance on a wide variety machines with high speeds. It has excellent cold flexibility and very high mileage characteristics.

Polyurethane (PUR) based Hotmelts

Alpkim PUR based adhesives for bookbinding solution are designed for all application requirements of bookbinding by means of good adhesion to many surfaces, flexibility and clear appearance features. They have high solids formulation, quick drying, high initial tack with rapid high strength vacuum press bond. Stirring is not required before use. Their resistance to high temperatures and shelf life is excellent.

PVA Based Adhesives

Alpkim’s PVA based adhesives cover features strength, good cohesion, high speed performance, wet tack, good tensile strength and bonding characteristics. They may be used for bonding kraft, coated, uncoated papers, polyolefin based BOPP, lacquered paper. They are suitable for all medium and high speed major type of binding machines such as Müller Martini,Kolbus.

Animal Glue

Alpkim animal glue products are manufactured from carefully selected quality gelatin. They increase productivity and guarantee stable quality production. They do not only preserve advantage of properties of gelatin, but also considered easiness of operation and productivity. This product range can be applied for hard cover, album cover, paper coating, box covering and excellently suitable for Horauf BDM/Kolbus case making equipment.

Our animal glues perform high tack, low splashing, excellent finish,warp resistant and keeps flexibility, great machining properties, suited for extreme climatic conditions, easy cleaning, safe and environment friendly.