Adhesive for Paper Converting

Paper Laminating Adhesives, Envelope Gums, Tubewinding Adhesives, Tissue & Towel

Alpkim has been supplying paper converting industry with high quality adhesives for many years. This industry is very complex, wide and requires adhesives suitable for a variety of applications as paper laminating, box closing, corrugated cartons, envelopes, paper packaging and labelling and we have the experience to supply the best adhesive for these requirements.

We have a wide range of products that have been specially developed to optimise performance on the application equipment and the final product. Our products are based on hotmelt and water based solvent. Machine speed and the substrates being used affects the choice of adhesive and we can offer the best product for you.


Paper and film laminating, corrugated carton side gluing: Performance additives for corrugated carton, starch based adhesives, additives for corrugated board moisture resistance

Envelope, tissue-towel, tubewinding, box closing, bag&sack, labeling, tray erection

Our chemistry is based on synthetic resin, natural binders, bio degradable, recyleable dispersions, dextrins, PVA, PUR(polyurethane), synthetic resin dispersion-acrylic, gelatin.

Metod of application: Nozzle, spray, wheel