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We are compounding for customer needs like FR for cotton, polyesters, acrilics and their blends.
The purpose of Flame Resistant (FR) clothing is to decrease burn injuries and thereby increase the chances of survival and recovery. 

No concern can be more important.  By the products mentioned below Alpkim meets all the applicable safety standards for industrial FR fabrics.

Below you will get information on; Flame retardants for polyester fabrics, cellulosic fibres, synthetic fibers, tentatge and tarpaulin cotton fabricsand additives to flame retardents for all types of acrylic binders.

Durable flame retardent for polyester fabrics.

Aqueous dispersion of metal oxide and organo compounds.
Appearance: White dispersion
Active Substance: CA 75%
pH Value: 8+/-1
Specific Gravity: 1/7
Dilution: Easily deluted with cold water in closed containers stared at room temperature, six months from date of delivery.
Application:ANTIFLAME 769 Conc. can be applied by padding, spraying, printing or coating methods. A typical recipe for a single bath application, would be to pad with a solution containing:
ANTIFLAME 769 Conc. 300-500 g/lit.
Water up to 1000ml.
WPU: 70% - 80%
Drying: 150-170 degrees C
Important: ANTIFLAME 769 Conc. is an equeous dispersion, and due to the high specific gravity of its components, it is possible that sedimentation may occur during prolonged storage. The product should always be stirred well before use.

Flame retardent for cellulosic fibres, synthetic fibres and their blends.

Properties: Good flame retardent effects on all fibre types. Effects are not resistant to water and washing. Minimal effect on dyed shades and handle.
Composition: Combination of organic and inorganic salt.
Appearance: Colourless aqueous solution
Active Substance: 30%
pH Value: 8,5 +/- 0.5
Dilution: Easily diluted with cold water.
Temperature Stability: Stable to temperatures in the range of 100 C to 150 C. Overdying is to be avoided.
Application:  FLAMETARD RY can be applied by spray or padding techniques. Deposit level according to fibre type 20%-30% FLAMETARD RY based on the fabric weight.

Flame retardent for tentatge and tarpaulin cotton fabric in weights of 300gr. and or 600 gr., especially designed to address the most severe specification, including resistance to leaching.

Composition: Aqueous suspension of metal Oxide and Halloganated organo compounds. With copper & oxiquinolate.
Appearance: Yellow Suspension
pH Value: CA 8 -/+1
Specific Gravity: 1,2
Shelf Life: In closed containers stored at room tempratures, six months from date of delivery.
Application: ANTIFLAME 1231 is delivered ready for use and is applied by padding. Dry by curing at 140-170deg.C.
Hydrophobic Effects: Hydrophobic Effects are best achieved in a second bath with intermediate drying. Finishes based on paraffin / metal salts from our range of IMPREGNAT products, are suitable.
Important: ANTIFLAME 1231 is an aqueous dispersion. Due to the high specific gravity of its components, it is possible that sedimentation may occur during prolonged storage. The product should always be stirred well before use.

An additive to flame retard all types of acrylic binders.

Properties: Good for flame-retarding flammable as well as non-flammable materials which are treated with latexes such as carpets, automotive fabrics, non woven for upholstery fabric, sleeping bags and fiberfill. ANTIFLAME 920 answers the requirements of BS 5852/1 from 1979 and BS 5852 from 1982 for Combustibility Tests to fire sources no:1 and no:2
Composition: An ultra fine dispersion of metal oxide and halloganated organo compound.
Appearance: Viscous white dispersion
Solids: 70% min.
pH Value: 8+/-0.5
Viscosity: 3,000-5,000 cps.
Application: ANTIFLAM 920 is used in concentrations of 10-20% on the weight of the latex and blends easily into most emulsions with minimum agitation. ANTIFLAM 920 can be applied by brushing, coating, printing and spraying.
Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and freezing.


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